The destination #2

They walked next to each other in silence for a while. Bess didn’t know what to say. Her life was too messed up to think about something else.
Rob kept silence too he just took lefts and rights while Bess followed him without any questions.
‘So why are you going to this address?’ Finally Rob asked.
‘Because I need the person who lives there. He has something I need.’ Bess replied in a soft voice.
‘What kind of thing?’ Be asked inquisitively.
‘I need the necklace I gave him. I need to sell it for money.’
Rob looked at her in worry. He didn’t reply but just stared at her.
‘Collage friend?’
‘High school. He was my best friend. I really regret not being able to meet or talk to him.’ She didn’t look up. She seemed sad.
‘Well I had a best friend too in collage. She was amazing. Funny,generous, sweet. Supportive. I miss her too. It’s just life moves on and pushed you with it.’
Bess felt for him. She completely understood how he felt.
‘Thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it.’ Bess said
He smiled and continued walking.
They crossed the road and at a distance Bess saw something.
She saw the house.
She had reaches. The house looked the same. Petite et magnifuque.
It was everything she remembered.
Huge trees hid it under their shade. A huge lawn pulled people towards it. The house was not that big actually. But the memories were huge.
A small house with massive Windows to let the bright sunlight in.
The mountains behind the house had witnessed millions of breath taking sunsets along with thousands of lovers.
Bess slowly walked towards it remembering and rejuvenating herself with all those unforgettable memories.
As he walked closer she felt like the trees were asking her…


‘Remember how you played under me?’
‘How wonderful was the time when he put the swing on just for you?’
‘How many fruits did you two steal frm here?’
‘Weren’t you so happy with him?’
And she wondered to herself…
Wasn’t she saw happy and free?
She turned back to look at Rob who was probably getting bored.
He wasn’t there.
Not behind.
She looked further at the road.
Not there.
Probably left she thought.
Then she turned to look at the garden.
He was there,standing staring at a tree.
‘Lovely to have a swing here.’ He exclaimed.
‘There used to be one. My friend had made it.’
‘Must be an awesome friend he said’
‘Thanks for helping. You can go now. Sorry for wasting your time.’ Bess said.
‘Wait we haven’t met your friend yet.’
Rob walked towards the door of the house and pulled out a key.


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