Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about something serious or realistic because that is our schedule.
So you guys generally expect to be funny and make you laugh but today I wanted to address a topic that everyone faces in their life.
According to me people are slowly loosing their rights in this world.
Now before you all are like’WHAT???’ Let me explain what I mean.
Imagine this. Go ahead close your eyes. You are getting up in the morning to go to your job. You get up wear blue clothes because that’s what your significant other likes. You eat breakfast. This breakfast is inspired from the diet breakfast you saw on YouTube and that’s what you follow now.
You see the news and you get to know that it will rain today so you carry an umbrella. You walk out of your house and take the subway as people say cars are bad for the environment.
You reach office do the work given to you, eat lunch at MacDonald. The same fixed menu.
You finish your job,ask your friends to hang out. They say yes and you hang out. You come home tired, do specific yoga given by doctor and then take a bath as your best friend thinks it’s better than taking a bath in the morning.
You go to sleep.
Now my question to you guys is that how many decisions did you make in that day?
We wear and do what our friends like.
We do things like they do on social media.
We listen to the news blindly.
We only hang out if our friends want to.
Now you may contradict me and say that you don’t rely on people like this.
But you have to accept that whenever you wear something others like or do something others like…you feel great.
And If you wear something you like and others don’t…you don’t feel good.
Our dependency on validation and following trends has gotten to far. We always want to hear compliments, even for things we don’t like doing.
That’s not right.
I’m not telling you to be selfish but sometimes make decisions you Love.
We are so focused on making others happy… We forgot about the most important person.
Which is you yourself.
So guys I want you to treat yourself.
Wake up and dont read the news. Wear whatever clothes you want. Hi whenever you like.
Eat whatever you want. Spend some time alone walking around the streets of your city.
Learn a new language. Meet new people. Invent new toppings on pizza. Watch Netflix.
Do what you love. Treat yourself.
I’m not telling you to do this everyday… But you can surely do it ones a month.
Just spend on day of your life doing what you love without thinking about whether people would like it or not.


Just be free for this one day and listen to your very own heart.  💜💜💜
And remember….
Be awesome!!😘



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