LIFE HACKS YOU HAVE TO HACK! (My top 5. Cuz opinions.)

Hey guys!! I’m back to give you something that everyone in this world needs. No not cute baby pandas but daily hacks! You know those things you see and are like ‘I can do that’. You can’t. That’s stupid. You people need proper life hacks that work.
So that is why I’m here to give you some life hacks. And I tried most of them and they…
Don’t work. Just don’t. But luckily I found some which do and I’ll share them with you cuz…you know… I’m a good human.


So be as excited as this guy.
Like seriously. What did this guy see?
A unicorn? Miley Cyrus wearing full shirt? Idk man.
Here are some daily facts that you can use daily.
That was obvious.
But anyway, here the daily hacks!💜
1. Use a post it note to clean your laptop. I have tried it and it actually works!! Also, my laptop is so annoying when it’s slow. Do relate cuz if you do share it with me…in the comments.
2. Put a chocolate piece on top of a cupcake when you’re heating it! It melts on top and you can avoid the problem of frosting.
Like seriously… Wtf frosting?
3. Cut a tennis ball and it will hold almost anything. Now, I didn’t go around cutting tennis balls. If I did that I would be really weird.
I already am weird.
Anyway, this picture will convince you.😘


4. Use toilet paper rolls to store things. It helps things get organised and keeps your room clean.
Except my room.
It can never be clean.
5. And finally this one. Cuz pictures are better.;)

Nailed it!

Thank you guys for reading this days blog.
Do like,follow, comment that will you use any of these life hacks.
Send it to my insta @pewdseptiplier_dreamy💜
Or Twitter😘😘
Have a wonderful night and I’ll see you guys tomorrow…
And remember…
Be awesome!!


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