DIY POSTER FOR CHEAP! (Of course. Because I have no money. Duh.)

Right on schedule!!💜 here is a diy😘
Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys a really cool diy that helped my room look super pretty and gorgeous. We all are cheap people who want to save money so I think you’ll like this diy.
This poster is so simple to make and it really doesn’t take much of your time. So here’s how you make it-
First we have to gather the materials. So the materials required are-
Scissor (obvio)
Cellphone sheet (transparent sheet) to cover the poster.


Water (for if you’re thirsty)
Light (for if the Apocalypse hits)
Pens…?(idk man.)


The Apocalypse is coming soon😭
That got dark. Do you people believe in existence after death. OK!! Getting of topic. So….

These are the really simple materials that you need. And actually the steps are simpler.
1. Take the cardboard and put it on a flat surface. Take a big or small cardboard according to your requirement.
2. Take the newspaper and cut out pictures from it that you like. One of the reasons this diy is so cool is because it’s so personalised and every time people com out with new ideas.
3. Arrange the pictures on the cardboard to see what the final result would look like.
4. When you’re happy with the arrangement glue the pictures in that arrangement. The pictures don’t have to be in symmetry. When the pictures are spread out, the poster looks much more natural.
5. After you are satisfied with the arrangement, you can add any other accessories such as flowers or designs if you want before the final step.
6. Cover the poster with the cellophane sheet to give it a protective cover so that when you spill your juice over it you can wipe it off.
You are ready to hang your poster on the wall! Cellotape it or put a nail… Just hang it!! It looks actually really cool and you will trick people into thinking you’re good at art😘


Snazzy art work topped of with minnion.😘 Nailed it. Get the pun? Huh? ‘Nailed’ it?? 😁
I should stop.

Hope you liked this diy!! Do comment, like and follow cuz, come on… It’s free!! We all like free stuff😘
And remember…
Be awesome!!

Dreamy girl💜


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