The destination

She woke up to the warmth of the sun. The day seemed to be beautiful. I the spring seemed so beautiful after teg dark and treacherous winter. She didn’t need to wake up to cold floors anymore. No more socks in bed. No more shifting in between sheets. The time was 8:30 the usual time she got up at. She stepped on the floor and felt the hardwood touch her bare foot. Slowly ‘making the bed’ and ‘cooking breakfast’ tasks were also done. She stared at the window from her kitchen as she sipped on her hot cup of coffee. Spring. A new season, she thought. But she had a large task ahead of her. She had to complete a huge task.
High school was one time of her life she wanted to forget. But she didn’t want to forget her best friend Josh. He was her soul mate, the sugar of her life, the one person she shared everything with. But time is everyone’s enemy, isn’t it? Life moved on and pushed them with it. But before she left she gave Josh her favourite necklace as a memory of each other. She wanted that necklace back now. Why? She is in a debt. She barely gets proper food and recently her best friends are coffee and ramen. Rent is overdue so are bills. She had to sell that precious necklace to get money. News came to her that Josh was in town. She had to go to his house and meet him. She had the address if his old house and she crossed her heart to hope that he still lives in the same house.


She decided to meet him at the same house. The house they used to spend time in. The hot coffee was pit down and she proceeded to exit her house.
She had sold almost all her things, but she didn’t give up her wifi. She walked down the hallway of her broken down building and walked down the stairs to reach outside.
Subway was a good option. So was walking. Her direction skills were poor. Like really poor. The last time she got lost while going to her office. She had no faith in herself. But now there were no options.
Her shoes hit the ground hard. She had been walking for 20 minutes. And of course. She was lost. She wondered. Where am i? No road signs, just trees everywhere. She paced around the so called ‘jungle’. Lost again!! Where should I go? What should I do?
‘Ouch’ she bumped into someone and fell in the road. How can this get worse?
‘Are you ok?’ A man with a deep voice spoke. She pushed herself up and dis the ‘no I’m not hurt thing. When she finally stood on her two legs she saw the face of the deep voiced man. Muscular and tall. Brown eyes which peered at her while his silky hair flew with the wind. Seemed sane. She thought. ‘May I help you? You seem lost.’ His amazing voice played in her ears. And so did the wind. Yeah I am lost.’ She answered honestly because even if this man was not a criminal somebody else would surely find her. ‘Can I help you?’ He stared at her strangely as though he had seen someone absurd. ‘Yeah can you take me here?’ Her finger landed on the address written in apiece of paper. He looked surprised, then happy then weirded and finally calm. ‘Yeah of course. Come with me.’ He led the way as she tried to match his pace. ‘By the way my name is Rob’


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