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The destination #2

They walked next to each other in silence for a while. Bess didn’t know what to say. Her life was too messed up to think about something else.
Rob kept silence too he just took lefts and rights while Bess followed him without any questions.
‘So why are you going to this address?’ Finally Rob asked.
‘Because I need the person who lives there. He has something I need.’ Bess replied in a soft voice.
‘What kind of thing?’ Be asked inquisitively.
‘I need the necklace I gave him. I need to sell it for money.’
Rob looked at her in worry. He didn’t reply but just stared at her.
‘Collage friend?’
‘High school. He was my best friend. I really regret not being able to meet or talk to him.’ She didn’t look up. She seemed sad.
‘Well I had a best friend too in collage. She was amazing. Funny,generous, sweet. Supportive. I miss her too. It’s just life moves on and pushed you with it.’
Bess felt for him. She completely understood how he felt.
‘Thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it.’ Bess said
He smiled and continued walking.
They crossed the road and at a distance Bess saw something.
She saw the house.
She had reaches. The house looked the same. Petite et magnifuque.
It was everything she remembered.
Huge trees hid it under their shade. A huge lawn pulled people towards it. The house was not that big actually. But the memories were huge.
A small house with massive Windows to let the bright sunlight in.
The mountains behind the house had witnessed millions of breath taking sunsets along with thousands of lovers.
Bess slowly walked towards it remembering and rejuvenating herself with all those unforgettable memories.
As he walked closer she felt like the trees were asking her…


‘Remember how you played under me?’
‘How wonderful was the time when he put the swing on just for you?’
‘How many fruits did you two steal frm here?’
‘Weren’t you so happy with him?’
And she wondered to herself…
Wasn’t she saw happy and free?
She turned back to look at Rob who was probably getting bored.
He wasn’t there.
Not behind.
She looked further at the road.
Not there.
Probably left she thought.
Then she turned to look at the garden.
He was there,standing staring at a tree.
‘Lovely to have a swing here.’ He exclaimed.
‘There used to be one. My friend had made it.’
‘Must be an awesome friend he said’
‘Thanks for helping. You can go now. Sorry for wasting your time.’ Bess said.
‘Wait we haven’t met your friend yet.’
Rob walked towards the door of the house and pulled out a key.


Hey guys! Today is Sunday which means quizzes or picturesque. So I decided to give you guys a quiz but I felt like you guys should first know what is picturesque so I decided to start with that.
Well you lovelies picturesque means that I will post a picture and give you some information about it.
This picture may be unseen by you and you may get to know something new.
So this week’s picturesque will describe one of the things that has interesred me for a really long time.

Can you guess what this is?

Well this is the Aurora borealis also called the northern lights.
An aurora, sometimes referred to as a polar light, is a natural light display in the sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions.Auroras are produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind that the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma, mainly in the form of electrons and protons, precipitate them into the upper atmosphere (thermosphere/exosphere), where their energy is lost. The resulting ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents emits light of varying colour and complexity. The form of the aurora, occurring within bands around both polar regions, is also dependent on the amount of acceleration imparted to the precipitating particles. Precipitating protons generally produce optical emissions as incident hydrogen atoms after gaining electrons from the atmosphere. Proton auroras are usually observed at lower latitudes.

Here are some dazzling facts about it💜
💜Earth isn’t the only planet with Aurora. Jupiter and Saturn have auroral ovals on both hemispheres. Astronomers have also spotted Aurora on Uranus and Neptune.
💜Unlike the curtains of colourful light that appear on Earth, the Aurora on Uranus look like faint glowing dots. Despite not having a magnetic field, astronomers have noted an aurora-like phenomenon on Venus caused by the reaction between the solar wind and the ions in the planet’s ionosphere.
💜The Earth’s magnetic field extends thousands of kilometres into space .A coronal mass ejection, or an ejection of energetic plasma from the Sun, can travel at speeds of up to 10 million kilometres per hour.
💜Major solar storms can cause power outages, such as the 1989 blackout in Quebec. In March 1989, an explosion on the sun was so powerful it was like thousands of nuclear bombs exploding at the same time. Quebec lost power for 12 hours.
💜During the 1989 geomagnetic storm, the northern lights could be seen as far south as Florida and Cuba. Aircraft crews on transpolar flights and astronauts experience higher doses of radiation during periods of intense solar activity.
💜Astronauts on board the International Space Station are at the same altitude as the auroras and see them from the side.
💜Scientists in Canada have been studying the northern lights for more than 170 years.
💜Canada’s first magnetic observatory, the Toronto Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory, was established in 1839 and is the oldest scientific institution in Canada.
💜In 1852 its founder, Sir Edward Sabine, determined that magnetic disturbances are related to the appearance and extent of sunspots (cooler, highly magnetically-active areas on the sun’s surface).
💜Edmund Halley first proposed that the northern lights formed according to the Earth’s magnetic field in 1716.Canada’s Ultra-Violet Auroral Imager (UVAI) launched into orbit with Sweden’s Viking satellite in 1986. It provided Canadian scientists with their first photographs of the entire Aurora region.
💜The colours of the Aurora are determined by the type of molecules with which solar wind particles collide as they enter the earth’s atmosphere. Solar wind particles and oxygen molecules produce green and yellow light, while nitrogen molecules produce red, violet and blue light.Auroras in the southern hemisphere are called aurora australis.The aurora borealis is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek term for “wind of the north,” boreas.Inuit used to fear the northern lights, believing that the phenomenon could decapitate people who travelled at night by dogsled. It was also thought that cutting the sled dogs’ ears provided protection from these attacks.

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Hey guys! Today is my off day from the blog because we have to follow the routine.
And you know what happens to people who don’t follow routines?
Nothing happens. Like nothing.
But anyways today I want to share something I am really happy about.
We hit a 100 views and that is super cool!! Thanks for all to checking my blog it means the world to me.
And on thing I really love is how many people frm different countries have read my content.


See how many people around the world are watching!
This is insane.
And so am I!!
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Here is a hot man as a gift😘


And here is zoella. As she is very pretty.
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Hey guys! I have found this awesome outfit for the upcoming spring!
We all want something light and comfortable but we also want something for parties😍
So take a look at this outfit💜😘😘



Please check it out if you want and surely send me pics through Twitter💜
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Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about something serious or realistic because that is our schedule.
So you guys generally expect to be funny and make you laugh but today I wanted to address a topic that everyone faces in their life.
According to me people are slowly loosing their rights in this world.
Now before you all are like’WHAT???’ Let me explain what I mean.
Imagine this. Go ahead close your eyes. You are getting up in the morning to go to your job. You get up wear blue clothes because that’s what your significant other likes. You eat breakfast. This breakfast is inspired from the diet breakfast you saw on YouTube and that’s what you follow now.
You see the news and you get to know that it will rain today so you carry an umbrella. You walk out of your house and take the subway as people say cars are bad for the environment.
You reach office do the work given to you, eat lunch at MacDonald. The same fixed menu.
You finish your job,ask your friends to hang out. They say yes and you hang out. You come home tired, do specific yoga given by doctor and then take a bath as your best friend thinks it’s better than taking a bath in the morning.
You go to sleep.
Now my question to you guys is that how many decisions did you make in that day?
We wear and do what our friends like.
We do things like they do on social media.
We listen to the news blindly.
We only hang out if our friends want to.
Now you may contradict me and say that you don’t rely on people like this.
But you have to accept that whenever you wear something others like or do something others like…you feel great.
And If you wear something you like and others don’t…you don’t feel good.
Our dependency on validation and following trends has gotten to far. We always want to hear compliments, even for things we don’t like doing.
That’s not right.
I’m not telling you to be selfish but sometimes make decisions you Love.
We are so focused on making others happy… We forgot about the most important person.
Which is you yourself.
So guys I want you to treat yourself.
Wake up and dont read the news. Wear whatever clothes you want. Hi whenever you like.
Eat whatever you want. Spend some time alone walking around the streets of your city.
Learn a new language. Meet new people. Invent new toppings on pizza. Watch Netflix.
Do what you love. Treat yourself.
I’m not telling you to do this everyday… But you can surely do it ones a month.
Just spend on day of your life doing what you love without thinking about whether people would like it or not.


Just be free for this one day and listen to your very own heart.  💜💜💜
And remember….
Be awesome!!😘

LIFE HACKS YOU HAVE TO HACK! (My top 5. Cuz opinions.)

Hey guys!! I’m back to give you something that everyone in this world needs. No not cute baby pandas but daily hacks! You know those things you see and are like ‘I can do that’. You can’t. That’s stupid. You people need proper life hacks that work.
So that is why I’m here to give you some life hacks. And I tried most of them and they…
Don’t work. Just don’t. But luckily I found some which do and I’ll share them with you cuz…you know… I’m a good human.


So be as excited as this guy.
Like seriously. What did this guy see?
A unicorn? Miley Cyrus wearing full shirt? Idk man.
Here are some daily facts that you can use daily.
That was obvious.
But anyway, here the daily hacks!💜
1. Use a post it note to clean your laptop. I have tried it and it actually works!! Also, my laptop is so annoying when it’s slow. Do relate cuz if you do share it with me…in the comments.
2. Put a chocolate piece on top of a cupcake when you’re heating it! It melts on top and you can avoid the problem of frosting.
Like seriously… Wtf frosting?
3. Cut a tennis ball and it will hold almost anything. Now, I didn’t go around cutting tennis balls. If I did that I would be really weird.
I already am weird.
Anyway, this picture will convince you.😘


4. Use toilet paper rolls to store things. It helps things get organised and keeps your room clean.
Except my room.
It can never be clean.
5. And finally this one. Cuz pictures are better.;)

Nailed it!

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DIY POSTER FOR CHEAP! (Of course. Because I have no money. Duh.)

Right on schedule!!💜 here is a diy😘
Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys a really cool diy that helped my room look super pretty and gorgeous. We all are cheap people who want to save money so I think you’ll like this diy.
This poster is so simple to make and it really doesn’t take much of your time. So here’s how you make it-
First we have to gather the materials. So the materials required are-
Scissor (obvio)
Cellphone sheet (transparent sheet) to cover the poster.


Water (for if you’re thirsty)
Light (for if the Apocalypse hits)
Pens…?(idk man.)


The Apocalypse is coming soon😭
That got dark. Do you people believe in existence after death. OK!! Getting of topic. So….

These are the really simple materials that you need. And actually the steps are simpler.
1. Take the cardboard and put it on a flat surface. Take a big or small cardboard according to your requirement.
2. Take the newspaper and cut out pictures from it that you like. One of the reasons this diy is so cool is because it’s so personalised and every time people com out with new ideas.
3. Arrange the pictures on the cardboard to see what the final result would look like.
4. When you’re happy with the arrangement glue the pictures in that arrangement. The pictures don’t have to be in symmetry. When the pictures are spread out, the poster looks much more natural.
5. After you are satisfied with the arrangement, you can add any other accessories such as flowers or designs if you want before the final step.
6. Cover the poster with the cellophane sheet to give it a protective cover so that when you spill your juice over it you can wipe it off.
You are ready to hang your poster on the wall! Cellotape it or put a nail… Just hang it!! It looks actually really cool and you will trick people into thinking you’re good at art😘


Snazzy art work topped of with minnion.😘 Nailed it. Get the pun? Huh? ‘Nailed’ it?? 😁
I should stop.

Hope you liked this diy!! Do comment, like and follow cuz, come on… It’s free!! We all like free stuff😘
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